Updates from our Natural Foods team.

Please check for updates from our team.

Right now, We are in process of testing maturity of our first batch of Mangoes.

As soon as we are convinced that Fruits are well matured and ready for us to enjoy, we will hand pick them, wash them with hot water and pack them professionally in perforated boxes and send it to our pick up locations and shipping outlets. We as a team can't wait to see everyone enjoying quality fruit. Please stay with us and wish us good luck.


  • Hi this is sowmya sheela we have ordered a box of bangenipalli 20days bk till now we didn’t receive it n no update in dat can u plz let me know the status

  • Received Mangoes. 6 out of 8 fruit that I received were damaged and can not be consumed. Packing was not appropriate for ripe mangoes

    ravi Ainapudi
  • I am still waiting for my shipment… understand initial hiccup of delays… no credible further update on when… can I ever get to taste them !! make it happen for LA crowd…

  • Are these mangoes in first batch are same to what we are get in Patel Brothers? Because name on the box says aamgo in patel brothers.

  • The first batch were good. I suggest you pick best sources from India and not restrict yourselves.


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