About Us

We’re based in Northern Virginia where our doors first opened in 2017 with a deep intention of bringing natural (as organic as possible) foods from Indian Sub-continent to everyone across the world. Okay, we know that is a little bit exaggeration. The United States to begin with at least!. We’re part of a vibrant creative community and love what we do.

We are a group of like-minded people from different background came together with an intention of bringing something natural to your plates. We believe honesty and quality of our services and products we serve are the very basis for the trust that we build across our customers. That is what we strive for. Even though we are here to make some money at the same time, that is not our ultimate goal and definitely not at the cost of our customer dissatisfaction. So, If we, as a company ever did something wrong or couldn't meet your expectation, please pardon us. Consider it as our lack of experience and not as our Intention. Guide us to improve. We take it as our failure and consider them as stepping stones for our progression. We are willing to learn and correct ourselves. Please be free to give us your honest feedback and help us grow. You, spending time in reading About us this far shows that you care and for that, we consider you as one of our growing family. Thank you!. Please be with us and encourage us. With all that support, one day, we will reach our success.

To start with, at the moment, we are serving our products by 'TROPIX', 'Natural Pantry', and 'Organic Pantry' brand names. 


Please be with us. as one of us! Thank you!

- Natural Foods team.